About me

  • 🔭 I am a PhD student in Fudan University under the supervision of Prof. Yijian Wu and Prof. Bihuan Chen, mentored by Prof. Peng Xin. I received a research intern invitation from National University of Singapore(“NUS”) in 2019, supervised by Prof. Yun Lin. I received my master degree in computer technology from Donghua University in 2021.
  • 🌱 I currently major in software engineering and my research interests lie in root cause analysis and mining software bugs.


  • [2024/03/02] ⚡ Our paper “C2D2: Extracting Critical Changes for Real-World Bugs with Dependency-Sensitive Delta Debugging” is accepted by ISSTA’24.
  • [2023/08/15] ⚡ Our paper “BugMiner: Automating Precise Bug Dataset Construction by Code Evolution History Mining” is accepted by ASE’23(Industry Challenge Track)
  • [2023/06/24] Our paper “An Empirical Study on Fault Diagnosisa in Robotic Systems” is accepted by ICSME’23
  • [2023/06/24] Our paper “Characterizing the Complexity and Its Impact on Testing in ML-Enabled Systems - A Case Study on Rasa”is accepted by ICSME’23, Congratulations to Junming Cao.
  • [2022/08/12] Our paper “RegMiner: Mining Replicable Regression Dataset from Code Repositories” is accepted by FSE’22(Demonstration Track).
  • [2022/04/12] Our paper “RegMiner: Towards Constructing Ultra-Large Regression Dataset from Code Evolution History” is accepted by ISSTA’22.
  • [2022/01/25] Our paper “gDefect4DL: A Dataset of General Real-World Deep Learning Program Defects” is accepted by ICSE’22 (Demonstration Track), Congratulations to Yunkai.
  • [2021/12/17] I gave a talk on regressions-auto-harvesting work on the 4th China Open Source Conference(online video).
  • [2019/12/09] I received a research intern invitation from the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing at the National University of Singapore(“NUS”).


  • Academic Excellence First Prize 2023
  • Named Award,2022
  • Huawei Smart Base Scholarship, 2022
  • 1st Prize, Open Source Project Innovation Competition Free Track, The 4th China Software Open Source Innovation Competition, 2021
  • 2nd Prize, Open source project innovation competition Proposition track, The 4th China Software Open Source Innovation Competition, 2021


  • Research Assistant, Software Engineering Lab @Fudan, March 2021 - Sep. 2021